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Oil is our nation’s most important industry…Providing many needed jobs.

ZEN Enhanced Oil Recovery, LLC. (ZEN EOR) helps operators remain competitive in an ever changing business environment.

ZEN EOR provides cost-cutting efficiency-boosting technologies and innovations to upstream, midstream, downstream, and storage and transport vessel tank cleaning operations.

Our mission is to help our clients reduce costs, improve efficiencies and achieve higher revenues for their investors, and higher netbacks for their producers, land owners, royalty owners and working interest owners.

ZEN EOR’s game-changing technologies from class-leading manufacturers from around the globe have a significant “positive” impact on the industry.

Please review this site to learn about the many benefits of the products and services we offer.

Feel free to contact ZEN EOR at any time through the “Contact Us” tab. We will be happy to provide answers, discuss your needs, and help lower your costs and boost your efficiency.

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