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ZEN Enhanced Oil Recovery LLC. (ZEN EOR) provides innovative GREEN SOLUTIONS for today’s most progressive oil and gas companies.

ZEN EOR is the U.S. and Canada Distributor of PARALAX, the world’s most environmentally-friendly paraffin wax control chemical.

The oil and gas industry is beginning to realize that they can no longer solve their production and flow integrity problems with products that have a negative impact on health, safety, or the environment. Many of the products used in the industry require very stringent controls because the damage they could cause would have disastrous consequences.

ZEN EOR knows that a great deal can be done to lower costs, improve production results, and reduce the potential for damage by utilizing environmentally-friendly and/or efficiency-boosting products, services, innovations, and technologies. The adoption of these solutions can also reduce the risk and impact to the health and safety of the people in the industry.

Please review this site to learn about the many benefits of PARALAX and the many other products and services we offer and recommend to the oil and gas industry upstream, midstream, downstream, and tank cleaning operations.

Feel free to contact ZEN EOR at any time through the “Contact Us” tab. We will be happy to provide answers, discuss your needs, and help boost your production efficiency.

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